Many times when you want to enter the world of tarot, either because you start with a course or because you are attracted to cards and their magic, you get to buy your deck and you find yourself with a huge variety and you ask yourself which is the best? How many types of Tarot are there? o What difference is there between everyone?

First of all you have to know that the deck has to vibrate with one, when you see it it “calls” to you.

Actually, the tarot used for consultations is a single one that is made up of 78 cards divided into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

The most widely used and ideal to start with is the Rider Waite deck which was designed by Edward Waite in 1903 based on his ideology of life. Edward Waite was an occultist of his time, who was the founder of the famous Rosicrucian Brotherhood. The first deck was published and marketed in London in 1911 by printer Rider and cartoonist Pamela Colman Smith.

There are countless decks based on the Rider, what varies is the publisher, the artist who draws the cards according to their interpretation and presentation. There are fancy decks with gold or different size cards.

Then there is the Marseille tarot, which also has 78 cards but its drawings are medieval in style, and the minor arcana are represented with the four suits of the deck: gold-coarse-sword-cup.

There are other decks different from those mentioned and which are used by some tarot players, although not most.

There is the Egyptian Tarot which is also made up of 78 cards but is not divided into major and minor arcana but they all have a specific meaning and, some people say that it is more difficult to see things in more detail than the others, but it is one of the oldest and, according to its fans, you can see more things than with the others since they contain a special mystical power.

The Gypsy Tarot also known as de La Cigana or Letters of Madame Lenormand was designed by the well-known seer Madame Lenormand, seer of the 19th century and is the result of a work that unites astrology with tarot, cartomancy, numerology and treatises on esotericism and mysticism. It is made up of 36 cards that combine the pocker cards with the tarot cards and is very accurate in specific questions in the hands of a tarot player who is very expert in this matter.