Tarot Nine of Pentacles

From careful planning and hard work, the nine Pentacles in the tarot is profoundly positive because it involves inner wisdom, security, and physical and spiritual beauty, leading to freedom and fulfillment. Thus, occupying the ninth place of the pentacles suit and belonging to the Minor Arcana, it is a card that represents prosperity and wealth more than anything, auguring triumphs in different planes of life.

Going to the fact that 9 is the number of reincarnation, idealism and service to humanity, its presence in the roll is usually interpreted as the announcement of pleasant times, satisfactions by prudent actions and, ultimately, the end of those worries that arouse so much anxiety in those who consult. The practicality and love for nature that are also part of its symbolism, facilitate the intuition that, despite everything, the person remains in contact with reality, something relevant to continue evolving.

Figure and Representation of The Nine of Pentacles

An elegant lady standing in the middle of a garden, is shown accompanied by nine Pentacles that have five-pointed stars engraved in their central part, this is what is broadly displayed in this letter that also reveals distinction and Grace. Now, as for what the 9 of Pentacles represents, we will review what it means based on the assumption that in the roll it is presented in its natural position, that is to say to the right:

  • Money: business, gambling, investments, definitely everything on the financial plane is going well and it is not something free, it is due to the effort and previous dedication. In the face of this good moment, the invitation is to help and share without hesitation, but without losing sight of the fact that none of these gains can exceed the value of the company of loved ones.
  • Health: in this case, the nine of pentacles continues to be quite hopeful pointing out physical as well as mental and emotional well-being. Those who are facing any ailment or discomfort will have the peace of mind that only good things have to come and that, therefore, they will quickly overcome the disease.
  • Love: for those who are in the middle of a relationship, the prediction is none other than the intensification of intimacy and commitment due to the great unfolding of feelings that exist in between. On the other hand, this letter can be taken as a call to review possible failures to make adjustments that contribute to the maximum consolidation of the union; A third meaning corresponds to a feminine presence that is a vital support and that fulfills the mission of opening paths.
  • Work: if the 9 of pentacles appears in the answer to a question about employment, it is the equivalent of a quite productive period in which the achievements are duly recognized and the consultant finally begins to feel that their delivery was worth it. Salary increases, promotions and even quite profitable retirements.
  • Spirituality: that inner peace for which so much has been worked, begins to project itself to the outside and the others manage to take note of aspects that can be imitated for the benefit of all. Gratitude is a feeling that settles in the heart and balances not only the soul, the body and the mind as well.

The only way in which this card acquires a negative bias is when it appears inverted in the print run, and this is how the responses to the concerns raised in the deck begin to take on a darker tone. The nine of pentacles in an inverted position begins to question the subject about the direction his path is taking because of the material achievements he has been adding, since sometimes they are often surrounded by anguish and concerns about their particular conditions.

Sometimes this card warns about the frivolous image that is being projected or, on the contrary, the fact that the individual is not appreciating himself enough and this has become the source of serious inconveniences in his social dimension. It will never be good to give in to instant successes, or to take things for granted on the love plane as this is the best way to weaken a relationship.

Considering that the accumulation of frustrations and bad moods have effects not only on mood, but also on health, the call is to not allow stress and imbalance to take charge.

Since the tarot has an astrological correspondence, it is pertinent to indicate that the 9 of pentacles is associated with the sign Virgo and with the planet Venus, this point is of great interest for the tarot player to extract as much information as possible from the letter.

Now, regarding the combinations with the NINE of PENTACLES, when it is presented next to the swords it becomes the indication of being able to overcome distressing or sad situations, if it is observed next to the wheel of fortune, it would be announcing a reward of great importance, while if he leaves invested and accompanied by the madman, he suggests failed attempts and broken promises; also reversed but with the four of spades, he points out that money should not be loaned as it will not be returned.

Finally, if you go to the most representative symbols in the illustration of this magnificent letter, the grapes and wine that represent transformation, abundance and fertility stand out quite a bit. The falcon that rests in the woman’s hand is the vitality, the energy and the potential to dare to let the internal shine flow.

Maintaining hopes so that ideals are realized and keeping an eye on economic losses for sentimental reasons are messages that, in a nutshell, the client must stay with.