The Christmas Tarot

Christmas is a time full of peace, harmony and reflection, offering us a rare opportunity to leave the everyday world. For this reason, a special deck was created, changing the traditional cards for more representative cards of this time of year.

Now we can feel the magic of Christmas throughout the year, with the extraordinary Christmas Tarot. It is a wonderful tool for prediction, meditation, and inspiration.

The twenty-two cards of the Christmas Tarot deck, incorporate all the mystery of the Major Arcana, these represent the greatest secrets of life.

The rest of the 56 cards that complete the deck and that symbolize the Minor Arcana, have also been manipulated with the Christmas theme.
In this way, the wands cards are replaced by Christmas tree, the pentacles are replaced by the light of the candles, the cups are exchanged for Christmas gifts and the swords are rather the typical long socks where the gifts are placed.

All the arcana is represented by Christmas images, with lots of color and artistic details, illustrated in Victorian times.

It is a deeply symbolic deck, full of images based on beautiful and simple moments.

In this deck you can find angels, cherubs, smiling children and their parents, families gathered around the table, and Santa and her elves. You can also discover a view of the reflection of the Nativity, as well as a new look at the traditional house of God.

According to its creators, this deck is ideal to discover the trends of the future and the past, meditating, reflecting and looking for reasons for serenity, such as the message of the season.

But not because it symbolizes the best of the Christmas season does it mean that everything is positive. Actually, this deck should function as a normal tarot deck where it also informs us about the important issues in our life, such as destiny, our obstacles, struggles, goals, among others.

Although this variation of tarot decks can serve to read our destiny like any other, it was created with the intention of being a seasonal game, related to the nostalgia, joy and beauty of this end of the year.

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