Six of Pentacles Meaning – Tarot Card

Located in the sixth position of the gold suit, the letter that concerns us has strong messages for the client, which are governed more than anything by the number six as an associate of understanding, helping others and above all being a responsible supplier . With a symbolism that broadly speaks of success and solvency, it will be the joy of supporting others that will determine a much calmer and more unrestricted panorama for those who ask the tarot.

Going to the figure of a gentleman who reveals the possession of a certain social status, emphasis is placed on material goods and in the same way on sharing, this is how the two people who accompany this character, suggest humility and feelings of gratitude that become the elements that the interpreter uses to determine the role of this letter in the print run.

Figure and Representation of Six of Pentacles

With a clear sense of balance and emotion, the meaning of THE SIX of GOLD in the Tarot cards is conditioned by the position in which the card appears and of course, by the cards that accompany it. Thus, as long as its placement is natural, the message for the client is given within the following parameters:

Work: it is time to reap the fruits of effort and dedication, therefore, those who are unemployed will have the peace of mind of obtaining that job for which they have prepared so much. As part of the announcement, it is revealed that it is time to request a salary increase and that people with some kind of influence will be decisive in continuing to grow in this aspect of life.
Spirituality: that spiritual wealth that is available and that has been so decisive to get ahead, must be shared. It is suggested to talk with others about the way of thinking and facing situations in order to exchange ideas and also benefit from the contributions of others.
Love: for couple relationships, it is a clear example of the existence of harmony and equality, which confirms that it is a love with solid foundations that acts from generosity and the search for progress both internally and materially for both; it means engagement or marriage. For single people, it is the warning signal so that they know that through others they will meet that kind and charitable being who will be their great companion.
Health: vitality springs from the pores, there is courage and conviction to do things, which means that everything goes well with both the body and the mind. If you have been through a period of exhaustion or stress, this letter is the announcement that calm and joy will come.
Money: if the 6 of gold appears in a question about finances, it means that finally the earnings or payments that have been expected so much will be received, also, it talks about that it is the ideal time to request a loan or go to a trusted friend to overcome some economic crisis.
In those rolls where the inverted six of golds appears, this letter is taken as a call for the client to review their finances and stop spending more than they can actually afford since this is something that in the long term can lead to deep crises of money. On the other hand, it may be the warning that generosity should be measured a little since others could be taking advantage of it and, for example, not return the money that has been so lovingly lent.

Sometimes this minor arcane is a messenger who invites not to allow pride to get in the way of accepting the help of others , because the truth is that, although being self-sufficient on certain occasions works, it is a mistake not to recognize that Collaboration from close people can lighten the burdens and make it easier to find solutions.

In the field of love , a little disharmony could be occurring because one of the probably is giving more than the other, additionally it would have to be checked if there is any manifestation of dependency or envy that could be altering the relationship.

Regarding the past, present and future , it is shown how donating, doing charity and helping without an interest involved, is more than enough to attract good luck and those unexpected collaborations that so much alleviate the now. Acting from justice, it is much easier to live success, so it is not necessary to step over anyone to learn and grow.

As for what does the six of gold mean? The own thing is to go to the illustration that it raises, which is carried out by a very well dressed man who reveals his wealth through his posture and manners; It should not be ignored that a balance rests in one of his hands, a key element to represent the justice that has been talked about so much.

The two people who are at his feet and who seem to be receiving his help, are the proof of this leveling that is consolidated from all the feelings that come out of gratitude, consequently, rather than seeing the coins that he gives them as an alms, the appropriate thing is to notice the detachment of the material since this is what allows to strengthen the spirit .

In short, this beautiful letter, which at first glance could be believed to only transmit ideas about money, goes much further, remembering all the beauty that comes from giving and receiving, in the same way, it assumes the mission of exalting the positive of the proper distribution of things and the essentials of keeping in mind the concept of equity and respect.