The Tarot and Sexuality

The Tarot and Sexuality
Sexuality is all over the tarot. Lets face it, tarot readings are for adults. The main subjects in a reading revolve around relationships.
Sexuality is as primal and instinctual in us as the need to eat, sleep and breathe, and so the cards can reflect the ways in which our power, intuition, and connection manifest through our sexuality.


Gender, sexuality and tarot can be a long journey that over time can evolve as we, too, evolve and grow.

Our perceptions change, our concerns change, our interests change as we grow.

You can start by asking one question and drawing one card, then write down whatever comes to mind.

If you prefer, ask a question and create a spread to look at different aspects of it centering around gender identity or sexuality.

You can make this journey as simple or in depth as you want. It’s all up to you and how much you want to explore, and how much time you want to devote to each reading session.

Not sure what to ask the tarot about gender or sexuality?

Here’s a few ideas to help formulate your own questions:

How do I feel about my sexuality (or sexuality in general)?
Do I completely identify with my assigned sex?
Do I completely identify with my perceived gender (or gender roles)?
What are my views on gender (or sexuality)?
What makes me feel sexually attractive?
What kind of people/persons am I sexually attracted to?
How do I feel about my own sex (or opposite sex)?
What kind of sexual relationships do I desire?
How do I feel connected to my partner (or others) in sexual relationships?
How do I express (or connect) with femininity or masculinity (if at all)?